Meet Stana Katic. A hidden talent, "I’m a good whistler. As I was growing up, we had a family whistle, so if we were spread out somewhere, like in a grocery store, and heard the call, everyone came. We still do." Her instant stress relief, "My dad told me to sing at the top of my lungs in the car on the way home. It helps!" And she’s a travel bug, "I’ve been to Mongolia, Peru, Argentina, India… I try to explore someplace new each time. It feeds the soul, and you bring that back to your everyday life." - Good Housekeeping, September 2014.





There is something super-hot about seeing this with no music overlaid, just as it was filmed on the day on set. Just the sounds of breath and kisses.

OMG I´m sorry to say that…but without sound it is just….OMG!


Everybody needs to listen to this. Don’t look, close your eyes and listen. You can hear when they forget how to breathe; like the kiss sucked all the air out of their lungs. Or how their breath gets caught in their throat, as though they can’t believe it’s finally happening. If you listen closely you can hear Stana (Kate) let go of the faintest sigh when Nathan (Castle) kisses the scar in the middle of her chest. We get so engrossed in what is visually happening that we do take a second to hear all the things happening. Really, just take a second and listen. It is almost like your hearing something new for the first time, it’s almost magical in a way.